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Welcome to AnimJobs.com, the jobsite dedicated to entretainment and animation in holiday camps, holiday resorts and touristic areas.
Jobs posted on this site cover a wide range of employment opportunities, from entertainers, animators to sports instructors in Kids' camps, resorts and more.

About The Jobs :

Any entertainment/animation related company is welcome to list their available positions.
To view these listing, click on"All Jobs" in the menu.
Take a look and then consider joigning us as a "Member Jobseeker".

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giving them a jump on the competition for these highly sought after positions.

- Post your online resume. Many of our employers prefer to view resumes instead of posting a position, saving them the task of sorting throught applications. Employers receive new resumes via email as well.

- Your resume is sent automatically to employers
when your profil meets the job details.

- We host your "Word" resume for 6 months. This one can be downloaded and printed by the empoyers who are interested. You can even include your picture !

- You can apply to job opportunities dedicated to Member Jobseeker only.

- Free access to employers' directory.

How to become a Member ?

You just have to fill the following form by clicking the link "Join Now !" ci-dessous.
You will then be amember for 6 months and will have access to all members' advantages.

The cost for a 6 months membership is around 2€,
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Payment can be done by calling an AlloPass telephone number. Allopass is the micropayment system without the need of a credit card.

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